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Jordi Huerta Fotografo Timelapse

I have been attracted to photography since I was little, at the time it was analog photography until my father gave me a Canon Powershot pro1, with a macro adapter. I always spent the day stretched out on the ground chasing the insects around me.

The great leap to photography was in 2013 when I decided to buy a Canon 70D and I joined my passion for mountains and photography, it was there that he went from a hobby to my professionalization. With my obsession to improve my technique of photography and digital processing every day, thus becoming almost an obsession without limits that largely covers all the free time that I am able to gather.


My specialty is sports, advertising and landscape, although I also like to explore other photography styles such as urban architecture or macro.

My style is a mixture of many sources from many photographers, who to different degrees have influenced the vision that I try to capture in my images.

I think that a photographer should always be open to letting himself be carried away by new currents, that he should not be closed in on himself or lose humility, but rather be aware that this career once started has no end and that it is essential to try to learn from all people who can, without prejudice or preconceived ideas and that there is no greater mistake than falling into complacency.

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